We want to check out this Family KTV Game Room at Zoofari Kids Adventure Bacaca Davao Branch next time. I saw it as I passed by it when we were leaving a birthday party yesterday which was partly held at the Zoofari Bacaca Branch which opened last December 17, 2011 yet yesterday is just the first time we have actually been to that branch. We first saw a tarp advertising it displayed in front of Stella Maris I think last December yet we have not checked it out. Zoofari Kids Adventure is operated by the Family Fun Ventures. It has been a long time since we let the little boy play at the Zoofari in SM Davao starting when it was still new in SM Davao then.


This is the Kids Cafe one will find at the Zoofari Bacaca which uses log furniture that I like, as well as in the Zoofari Coffee Hut coffee shop above this cafe that completes the look and feel of a place of adventure for kids, adults a.k.a kids at heart. Kids Cafe serve different combo meals of spaghetti, chicken, cheese burger and hotdog sandwich which all comes with American fries plus juice or soda in can for an additional P15. Price range from P90-130.

Zoofari/Tree Haus – Bacaca, Davao City

I’ve been wanting to go to Zoofari/Tree Haus Cafe and Restaurant for several months now ever since it opened last year. When I first passed by it, I thought it was going to be the answer to my prayers. A coffee shop attached to a kids area! You can watch your kids play as you’re having coffee and working!

Dining in the Outback (Grill)

As always, my good buddy Ian Garcia wanted to tag me along in the opening of a new restaurant in the city. I told him I didn’t get an invitation (a usual miffed excuse for not attending events). He pooh poohed my ignorance and showed me his invitation card “to bring along a friend.” Well that got me even miffer (if there’s a word) since I’ve been curious to go see what this “plane crash” was all about a month ago when I first saw it protruding from the road.

"When you leave the place, don’t forget your photo souvenir beside the hanging parachute guy where the plane’s nose crashed through." ~excerpt from my published article, Dining in the Outback

Outback Grill is located along Bacaca Road, next to Zoofari for Kids. Special thanks to buddy Ian Garcia for the dinner treat during the grand opening last Sept. 15.

Outback Grill

Today I visited Outback Grill, a very unique restaurant located at Bacaca, Davao City.The store opens at 5pm but we were there earlier to feature one of their best sellers for Mangaon Ta Bai Segment. On the exterior looking at the roof, you will find a crashed airplane. Catches attention right? But wait, there's more! Stepping inside this awesome place, you will notice that it's structural and architectural design resembles that of an ancient gathering place of natives in the middle of the jungle.

Outback Grill Davao : My Review

A fairly new restaurant has opened its doors in September 15,2012. Outback Grill conquers Davao! Located at Bacaca Road, it’s right beside Zoofari. You may look over the menu when you visit their Facebook page photos.

The Outback Grill and its Goliath Burger Challenge!

Our friends arranged a dinner date with our family when we got to Davao City. I was so pleasantly surprised with the many developments of Davao– it’s definitely one of my favorite cities in the Philippines!


We visited one of the new restaurants here in Davao City called the Outback Grill. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, food and service we received. We were then surprised by the entertainment we experienced with a great live acoustic band, the staff dancing and then to top it off, a fire dance at the end of the evening. We managed to capture a few snippets of this dance on video. We hope you enjoy watching it!

An Outback Experience

Lastweek I visited this unique and awesome restaurant named Outback Grill located in Bacaca Road Davao City. I honestly don’t have any idea about this place because it was I think my first time in Bacaca street. Thanks to my officemates Pam, Ate April and Ate Bev for the invitation. Anyway, as soon as u arrived in the entrance, you will noticed this crashed airplane in the external part of the roof and you will better understand why as soon as you seat down in their dinng table. =) The place welcomed us with “Outback Grill – BBQ, burgers, ribs, seafood”. We arrived at around 7:00pm and the cool air will create a fresh, festive old times feeling. My first impression of the place was “a ranch”.

DAVAO: Where to Eat

Food anywhere in Davao is always love, love, love. This is one of the reasons why i keep coming back to my hometown – to eat the food i don’t get to experience in Manila! )) I describe Davao food as fresh, rich, overloaded and yes, truly affordable especially seafood and meat!

The Outback Adventure

This was my first time to set foot on Outback Grill along Bacaca Road. The place was jam packed with customers and there were even customers outside the grill waiting for their turn to get a table. Hungry, we cannot managed to wait for our turn, in which by the way we were number 15 on the list. And since zoofari was beside it which is also owned by the same owner of Outback, we decided to spend our dinner so our friend’s daughter can also enjoy playing at their play area along with the rest of the kids.

Lunch at Army Navy, Dinner at Outback Grill

Hello! There's nothing much that I could share on this blog post except some photos I took with my mediocre photography skills. Lol. Today was a very busy day for me. I had lunch with my family, rushed to school to borrow a book from the library, met up with my classmates and went to Jack's Ridge for our Theology midterm project, went to SM Davao to have driving lessons(we went farther this time, I can't believe I was able to make it through alive! Haha) and then met up with my family to have dinner. I was planning on watching Ateneo de Davao's annual cheerdance competition but I have no assurance that I will be able to get a ticket and family gatherings are more important, I guess.