This is the Kids Cafe one will find at the Zoofari Bacaca which uses log furniture that I like, as well as in the Zoofari Coffee Hut coffee shop above this cafe that completes the look and feel of a place of adventure for kids, adults a.k.a kids at heart. Kids Cafe serve different combo meals of spaghetti, chicken, cheese burger and hotdog sandwich which all comes with American fries plus juice or soda in can for an additional P15. Price range from P90-130.

Hubby and I stayed here while while we were waiting for the little boy and the other kids in the birthday party who were all playing at the Zoofari play area, which seems bigger than their SM Davao branch. I got hungry after awhile and I actually found myself staring at their menu for kids trying to stop myself from ordering because there was still dinner later on.

I ended up asking hubby to just buy a small size popcorn in barbeque flavor. I enjoyed munching on it until play time for the kids was over and we have to leave and transfer to the house where the dinner for the birthday will be held. We may be back here soon depending on my elder sister’s decision. The kids in our family will like it here for sure!