Lunch at Army Navy, Dinner at Outback Grill

Hello! There's nothing much that I could share on this blog post except some photos I took with my mediocre photography skills. Lol. Today was a very busy day for me. I had lunch with my family, rushed to school to borrow a book from the library, met up with my classmates and went to Jack's Ridge for our Theology midterm project, went to SM Davao to have driving lessons(we went farther this time, I can't believe I was able to make it through alive! Haha) and then met up with my family to have dinner. I was planning on watching Ateneo de Davao's annual cheerdance competition but I have no assurance that I will be able to get a ticket and family gatherings are more important, I guess. Here's what I had for lunch at Army Navy:


Cheese Quesadilla

Some soup thingy. Idk what it's called.

Chicken Burrito that I didn't finish eating because I was in a hurry.

And here's dinner at Outback Grill. It's a new restaurant in Davao City that I recommend everyone to try out. It's more than just a restaurant, it has games, live bands, fire dancers and stuff. (Idk how to contruct my sentence please forgive me huhu)

Their tray paper thingy(idk what it's called). It has a brief history of Outback Grill and some word games that can be played while waiting for the food to be served.

Outland Flag



mango shake with a heart straw, so cute!

American fries. Lol. We didn't eat half of this plate because we're already full when it arrived. Idk what happened to it after.

My main dish ~ Chicken Barbecue

It's funny that we didn't eat anything Chinese today when CNY is just around the corner. But instead, we ate western food. Hahaha. I was full and contented in both meals-- lunch and dinner, though I'm not really a fan of western food. It was my first time in both restaurants and though I never really fell in love with either of them, they're both a place that I would definitely come back to. Yay!

Btw, I only took photos of the food near me... so the food shown here does not really represent the whole menu of both restaurants... although I guess Army Navy is all about burritos.