The Outback Adventure


This was my first time to set foot on Outback Grill along Bacaca Road. The place was jam packed with customers and there were even customers outside the grill waiting for their turn to get a table. Hungry, we cannot managed to wait for our turn, in which by the way we were number 15 on the list. And since zoofari was beside it which is also owned by the same owner of Outback, we decided to spend our dinner so our friend’s daughter can also enjoy playing at their play area along with the rest of the kids.

After which, the staff told us that there’s already a table for us in the Outback if we would like to transfer, and since we are all stuffed and ready to grab a drink, we headed for our table and listened to the acoustic live band.


To our surprise, after the live band performed, a fire dancing performance succeeded. And this time, we were all amazed with their performance. We also witnessed a burger challenge on another table, and a chicken dance where everyone can join in. I think these were just a few of the performances this place offers because we were there later in the evening.


We asked the staff to take us a picture with their outback grill frame, and they readily assisted us with it. The place is really cozy with a happy ambiance and a pictorial haven for happy customers. The staff along with their owner were cheerful and hospitable. I highly recommend this place to my friends and my family. It is indeed one awesome outback experience with great and affordable food to enjoy.

by: Jojie Alcantara